Wireless Remote rtu Solution

Wireless Remote Solution

Wireless remote solution
Modern automation technology applications are increasingly using wireless technologies to transfer data. In spite of reservations – a common attitude when it comes to new technologies within auto-mation technology – wireless systems are quickly becoming accepted. Wireless technology has long grown out of its infancy and is being increasingly used both within process automation and factory automation. Wireless systems mostly use the license-free ISM frequency band (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) to transfer process and diagnostics data. Due to the various requirements like trans-mission speed and the distances to be bridged, several wireless technologies have established
themselves on the market.

Industrial automation technology can be divided into the areas of factory automation and process auto-mation. Between these areas, there are extremely varied requirements of control and field devices, as well as of communication systems and their topologies.These differences will affect the requirements and choices within the area of wireless technologies.

A dominant characteristic of factory automation machines and systems is their fast production processes.Often this means machine parts are in motion, within a limited space, in a plant or localized system (see Figure 1). These fast processes require short operation cycles and fail-safe transfer of sensor and actuator signals, which in turn, put the same requirements on the field installed wireless solutions. With cycle times of less than 10 ms being quite normal, the selected wireless solution must not only be fast, but also extremely reliable.